They All Were Drawn To Nivedita
And Witnessed Her Life in India

The essence of what they all witnessed while interacting with Nivedita on different times and occasions came from a great Indian Poet.

He who has seen her has seen the essential form of man, the form of the spirit. It is a piece of great good fortune to be able to see how the inner being of man reveals itself with unobstructed and undiminished energy and effulgence, nullifying the obstruction of all outer material coatings or impediments. We have been witnesses to that unconquered nobility of man in Sister Nivedita. 

- Rabindranath Tagore

Like a Sunset Her Life Ended 

In This House At Darjeeling

Roy Villa, Darjeeling

On 13 October 1911

Her Last Words were: 'The frail boat is sinking, but I shall yet see the sunrise.'

Her Epitaph at Darjeeling could hardly be more appropriate, which reads:

"Here Reposes Sister Nivedita

Who Gave Her All To India"

Apart From Her Life

She Left Us Her Writings

For it is only through what she wrote that we get a relatively better idea as to who she really was. And by all means it is her nearly 900 letters that permit us the greatest glimpse of her inestimable personality and brilliance. 

Complete works of Sister Nivedita
The Five-Volume Complete Works 
Swami Smaranananda
The Rev. President Maharaj of Ramakrishna Math and Mission has released the revised two-volume Letters of Sister Nivedita on 15 September 2017

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